Brake Services in Vancouver

You don’t need to be a Vancouver motorist to know how important brakes are to your vehicle. Ever since you were child it is likely that your first tricycle, bicycle or scooter came equipped with some type of brake system. The fact of the matter is that none of these modes of transport would have lasted very long if it wasn’t for the much needed brakes that reduced their speed. It is also likely that your mom or dad oiled the breaks when they began to screech - a sign that they weren’t at their best. When it comes to your car, the same logic applies. While the mode of transport may have evolved the need for a fully-functioning set of brakes has not. And driving without a fully-operational set of brakes is simply asking for trouble.

A & C Automotive has provided Vancouver drivers with peace of mind for decades thanks to our award-winning brake repair service. Having diagnosed and repaired the brake systems of thousands of Vancouver vehicles over the years, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about repairing brake pads and fluid. Don’t take chances with inferior garages call the team you can trust today.

Three Common Brake Problems

Damage to your brakes can happen at any time or place and this can be quite stressful. Fear of the unknown can cause anxiety when you are worried about your family’s safety. At A & C Automotive we realize that and that is why we try and make you as aware as possible about the problems associated. In doing so we can ensure that you will be able to identify the problem and come to us to have the issue diagnosed further and repaired.

Three issues to look out for include:

  1. Soft Brake Pedal: A soft brake pedal is a telltale sign that something isn’t right with your brakes. When we say soft we mean that there is very little resistance on the brake pedal when pressure is applied. If you find that the resistance is gone completely on the pedal then this is a very dangerous situation and you should stop driving immediately. Call A & C Automotive and we will have one of our tow truck drivers pick you and your vehicle up within thirty minutes. From there we can get to work on fixing the faulty brakes and getting your car back to its best.
  2. Car Moving to One Side when Braking: A car that moves to one side when braking is not a good sign. In fact, it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away. In most cases a car that behaves in this manner is usually the result of a frozen caliper.
  3. Steering Wheel Shakes when Brakes are Applied: Again, this is a very serious issue and one that can put you, your family and other road users in grave danger. In general, an issue of this nature is because of warped rotors and needs to be repaired immediately.