Garage Mechanic in Vancouver

A lot of different factors go into creating a successful award-winning garage in Vancouver. There are the weeks and months of early starts and late finishes without a break in the early days as you work hard to get your business up and running. From there, you have to be consistent with your level of service but always open to new ideas that will make your business operate more efficiently. As you grow in size and stature it is imperative that you maintain the same high workmanship standards and commitment to customer care excellence that got you where you are. And as your customer base grows you have an obligation for your business to grow too - both in the size and scale of the operation as well as the range of mechanical services that you offer.

At A & C Automotive we feel that we have ticked off all those boxes. In support of this claim we have numerous awards from Vancouver auto boards and affiliated organizations, and we are very proud of these accolades. However, for us, the true test of our garage’s increasing success and viability comes from you, our customers. By trusting in us and investing in our service from day one you have got us to where we are today. To us this means everything. One thing that you can rely on is that we will never take this loyalty and custom for granted. This means working every day to make sure that the next day is always better than the last. It also means never compromising the customer-centered approach that got us where we we are and continuing to offer affordable prices which allow motorists of all types of vehicles in Vancouver to use our service. So whether you need to repair an exhaust, fix a faulty windshield or repair a damaged tire, there is only one number you should call.

The Garage that Goes Above and Beyond

Like almost all mechanics, the staff at A & C Automotive has had an interest in cars from a very young age. For most this means that they have been in and around vehicles since they were thirteen or fourteen. The fact that their job was once their hobby is a sure sign that they are doing what they love and for us that is all that matters. The skill and dedication that they put into the repair work that they undertake means that they treat every car like their own. So whether you are simply having a brake pad fitted or a repair made to your exhaust pipe then you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the best service possible. For us, standing still has never been an option and like any good business we have evolved to meet the needs of a changing and more informed market. This has meant expanding the range of services that we offer as well as creating an online social media presence where we hope our customers will visit our site.